The Barron Family takes on California

Last week our sales team took a trip and visited Tireco's headquarters in Gardena, CA. For many of our employees, this was their first time out to California and even their first time on a plane. This trip gave us the opportunity to build as a team while learning all about Tireco and the Milestar brand. 

The first day we arrived in California we made sure to hit all of the "must do" tourist spots; of course, this included stopping at In-and-Out burger right after landing. For the rest of the day, we hopped all over, from Los Angeles to Hollywood, Rodeo Drive and finally  ended our day with the sunset in Santa Monica. 

On the second day we got to business, our team went on a tour of Tireco's 1.1 million square foot warehouse, learning all about Milestar, Nankang, and Westlake. Tireco gave us bright vests and stylish glasses to walk around in while they explained to us how their warehouse operates. Our workout for the day was walking from one side to another and I'm pretty sure I smelled like tires for the rest of the day... 

After we toured their warehouse, we traveled to Gardena to visit Tireco's headquarters. During this part of the trip Tireco educated our sales representatives all about Milestar, this specific brand of tires are developed with a focus on outstanding quality and high performance. Milestar is dedicated to providing their dealers with exceptional service and quality products at an outstanding value. 

There are a couple of things we learned from this trip: California traffic is a real thing, 10 BWT employees in one car can get a little crazy, and Vickie is secretly a Hollywood star! Make sure to get her autograph. Oh, and we love Milestar! 

Here are some pictures from our trip.