Jenn's Airport Experiences

Traveling is a fun experience, but you always have to be ready for the curveballs along the way. No airport is ever the same nor is any airport experience. 

What was supposed to be a 6:00 am flight turned into a 4:00 pm flight. I was upset that my trip delayed, but my body and mind were happy for the extra hours of sleep. 

So here I am, entering the airport, one I've been to many times before, full of excitement and ready to experience Falken Academy, even though all my snacks got taken away at security...

Snackless and antsy, I sit waiting for my flight, looking through a sneak peek gallery of photos I received from Falken a few days ago. From pictures of their Head Quarters to decked out Jeeps with their WILDPEAK lines, I can tell it's going to be an exciting next couple of days. 

Jenn from Marketing