Bleeding the Falken Brand

One day down and one day to go. 

Today I toured Falken's headquarters in Ontario; I was able to see the in's and out's of this corporation, and boy I was impressed. Not only by the brand their advertising but also by the employees their recruiting.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by countless employees that live, breath, and bleed Falken. It's great to see a corporation that invests in not only their consumers but also the employees that work hard to create the brand. 

This passion was shown throughout the day while they taught us the history of their brand, the tires that they carry, and the programs that they offer. They also had an impressive snack/drink selection that I, unfortunately, returned to far too often. Pringles are a weakness of mine.

At headquarters, they have completely renovated the second floor of their building for Falken Academy visitors. As I walked through this room, I suddenly forget that other brands of tires existed; from marketing merchandise to race track memorabilia, I felt like we were at a training seminar, on steroids. 

Now that they have educated me about their brand, I'm ready to put their tires to the test. Hopefully, I do a lot better than I did on their race car simulator! 

Wish me luck.

Jenn from Marketing